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Requirements for scholarship applicants

1. Should not be deprived of public rights. Has to be a Turkish citizen.


2. Should not have a criminal background with penal servitude or more than six (6) months for infamous crimes such as embezzlement, fraudulent conversion, bribery, theft, fraud, abuse of faith, terrorism, sex offenses against minors, rape, sexual assault, excluding negligent offense.


3. Must reside in Turkey.


4. Has to be eligible to enter departments that have 2, 4, 6 years of education in universities, academies or colleges controlled by the Ministry of National Education - except for trust and private universities-; Anatolian high schools, Science high schools and Social Sciences high schools (those who are placed in competition are preferred); to enroll and study at other schools controlled by the Ministry of National Education.


5. Orphans, students who are victims for various reasons such natural disasters and accidents and who can certificate their circumstances have a priority in receiving scholarships.


6. If the applicants have the same score, female students will have a priority.


7. Although not mandatory, students who give a commitment to become “Volunteers for the Foundation” might be given priority.


8. The scholarships can be awarded by the person or foundation who is giving scholarships by determining the number and amount, start date, period of time and time of payment.